SEEAC Hold Planning Environmental Impact Assessment Seminar on River Basin Development

On July 29th, Dr. Hu Tao, the senior researcher of World Resources Institute, USA and also the part-time researcher of the Policy Research Center of MEP, was invited to Chengdu to give a seminar on planning environmental impact assessment in river basin development. The seminar was hosted by Liu Zheng, the director of SEEAC. Participants were from Sichuan Environmental Protection Department, EIA units, research institutes and universities engaged in environmental economics and environmental policy researches.


Dr. Hu Tao has been working on environmental economics and policy research for years and has rich experiences in decision-making consultancy for government and international organizations. With his knowledge, Dr. Hu comprehensively introduced domestic research progress at river basin management and elaborated existing problems from the perspective of environmental economics and institutional economics, as well as discussed eco-compensation-or-pollution compensation- based river basin management system. Dr. Hu introduced long-effect mechanism of eco-compensation-or-pollution compensation-based river basin management characterized with clear duties and responsibilities, evident reward and punishment, and two-level compensation; he also introduced related compensation standards and calculation methods, and proposed his thoughts and suggestions on hierarchical management of the long-effect mechanism, and pilot for river basin planning and implementation.


During the seminar, participants had thorough and active exchanges with Dr. Hu in defining duty and responsibility in eco-compensation/pollution compensation, formulating compensation standards, developing and implementing pilot projects, dividing function zones at upper and lower streams as well as defining the roles played by governments at all levels. In general, participants gave high appraise to the seminar which deepened their understanding on environmental economics, and increased their awareness in dealing with environmental issues through market or economic means. The seminar has provided us with better understanding and research methods in river basin management in Sichuan.


Dr. Hutao is introducing the status of water environment in Sichuan.


Participants are seriously studying in the seminar.